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The #DocumentingCOVID19 Project is a volunteer, personal oral history project aimed at collecting the stories of people located in the Western States Pact  during the COVID-19 pandemic. The project's is dedicated to collecting the experiences of communities that have, traditionally, been exempt from mainstream historical narratives. This means a focus on religious minorities, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community.


Mothers: understanding the experience of being a woman and parent in the midst of a global pandemic. It is particularly aimed at interviewing women with children under the age of 18 years old. 

Women with disabilities and/or compromised immune systems: Understanding the experience of being disabled or having a compromised immune system in the midst of a pandemic. 


This group's interviews will be focused on understanding the changes educators have undertook in the midst of the pandemic. It will focus on teaching online, administrative challenges, and the personal experiences of educators K-12 and in higher education.

COVID-19 Survivors

This group's interviews will focus on the experience of having COVID-19, their relationship with health institutions, and the recovery process.

By interviewing people and collecting oral histories in the midst of the pandemic we are capturing in-the-moment responses to the virus, government policies, and anxieties. It is our hope that these oral histories help future generations to understand the human side of the COVID-19 outbreak. From these oral histories, we can learn how society failed and how we triumphed. We hope that future generations will be able to use these oral histories to learn how to prepare for future pandemics and remember us. 

All oral histories will be done with the intent of being placed into the public domain upon publication. These oral histories will be donated to a university for the purpose of preserving these public histories for the American people.

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